Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You Should Blog Every Day!!!

I know I'm a hypocrite.

I have had good intentions. I had come up with great titles and even funny jokes.

But my time is precious. (Well, really it just runs out. Then, I feel guilty about posting it because it was totally yesterdays news.)

But for a recap here are some of the titles or subjects that I wanted to blog about:

Take that Justin Knox!
Life should be a Musical
Negotiations and Stolen Kisses
Am I still in the running to have the first girl?
Robyn is going to be twinkled
Tell me you didn't throw out my food!
I called 911.... now I'm in love
The only reason to stay single

Probably at some point, I will still blog about a couple of these. But, if your interested in them now and just can't wait. Go ahead and ask.


  1. Ha! Did I throw out something that was yours?? Hrm...well, if you would like, have at the cheesecake factory cheesecake that's in the fridge...and that very LARGE bowl of salad...

  2. ooh there are so many! the robyn one, the 911 one, the reason to stay single one and the life is a musical one! pls share

  3. Robyn going to be twinkled? It sounds cute and pleasant, but what does it mean?! I frankly want to hear about all of them. In 30 words or less you should address each point.

  4. What's with this, Rachel? You tease us with possible posts and then don't update for weeks? Thanks.

  5. I agree with Robyn.

    and I miss you Rach.

    ...and please look at the picture I just posted. :) hehehehe