Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You Should Blog Every Day!!!

I know I'm a hypocrite.

I have had good intentions. I had come up with great titles and even funny jokes.

But my time is precious. (Well, really it just runs out. Then, I feel guilty about posting it because it was totally yesterdays news.)

But for a recap here are some of the titles or subjects that I wanted to blog about:

Take that Justin Knox!
Life should be a Musical
Negotiations and Stolen Kisses
Am I still in the running to have the first girl?
Robyn is going to be twinkled
Tell me you didn't throw out my food!
I called 911.... now I'm in love
The only reason to stay single

Probably at some point, I will still blog about a couple of these. But, if your interested in them now and just can't wait. Go ahead and ask.