Wednesday, April 8, 2009

690 Calories down by 9:00 in the Morning! Yeah, it's gonna be a good day!

Muffins, I have decided, are a conspiracy of the devil.

I had a muffin this morning for breakfast. It looked so innocent there up on the shelf. It wasn't large. Just ordinary. I didn't even think to check what the nutrition value was. (I mean,'s a muffin!)

So let me raise a voice of warning to all those that are contemplating a Walgreen's Creamy Cheese Streusel Muffin.

It contains 540 calories. Yep, 29 fat grams. Not only that....It wasn't even good!!!

This means I can't eat my beloved Big Mac!

You might wonder why I mention God's Gift to hamburger lovers everywhere...

It's because the Big Mac has the exact same amount of calories and fat grams!!!

Don't place the blame on the Big Mac. Muffin tops (like the one observed on the right) came to be because of the muffin. So to all my ladies that are trying to avoid this faux pas. Try not to eat the muffins and proceed to squeeze yourself into the jeans you wore when you were 12.

(I say these words because I love you all and don't want to see you end up in a tragedy like this)


  1. Where were we when you took that picture of me?

  2. Seriously, first Target, now this! You're like one big expose!